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Single Wax Tarts: Final Fantasy Series

Single Wax Tarts: Final Fantasy Series

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Single tarts are made for use in wax warmers and provide a flameless alternative to candles. The "single serving" size makes them a great way to test scents or get a little extra boost of a favorite. Colors will vary from what is shown in this photo as the available offerings are not consistent.

This listing includes melts for various Final Fantasy entries. Tarts are essentially a natural byproduct of the process of making my regular melts, so scents go in and out of stock frequently.

Made from a blend of soy and paraffin waxes. Sold individually.

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Customer Reviews

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Look, you've been eyeing those wax melts for so long. We all know it - we do it too.
Why not try them out? Get a single one to check out, take it home, sniff it experimentally, DO NOT LICK IT, throw it on the melter to see what happens, DO NOT DRINK IT, let it call to you, DON'T DRINK THE WAX, let it envelop you, IT WILL TRY TO CONVINCE YOU DO NOT LISTEN, let it sing to you...

Anyways, try them out! And check back, they're updated more often than you think :)


These wax melts are so amazing! The single wax melts are perfect to try new sents and they last for a long time and smell great! I have bought so many and have more on the way XD

Turk's Wax Melter
Delicious and Perfect to Hold

These are 15/10 delicious. Theyre a perfect size to fit in my melt bowl too. Absolute perfection, not a jagged edge in sight. Just smooth waxy goodness that smells like heaven.