Scent Masterlist

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Luminis Scent Masterlist  

Scent Name



Full Notes

9999 Creatures of the Crystal Herbal Green tea, steel
2B [R]edolence Floral Bergamot, lemon, cucumber water, night violet, jasmine, cashmere, musk, sap
9S [R]edolence Floral Cherry, nectarine, citrus accord, honeysuckle, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, black amber
A Bitter Pill Memories of Thedas Earthy Ozone, metal, leather, spearmint, incense, smoke, dark amber, myrrh, oud
A Cold Wind Eorzean Collection Aromatic Evergreen, winter ozone, citrus, smoke, incense
A Legacy Entrusted Eorzean Collection Fruity Blackberry merlot, tobacco flower, amber, cocoa butter, cashmere, smoke
A Long-Awaited Adventure Eorzean Collection Spicy Cinnamon, clove, sweet cream, salted caramel, vanilla, leather
A Story Being Told Memories of Thedas Aromatic Paper, amyris, leather, juniper, gin, sandalwood, red currant, cedar, cypress, oak, myrrh
A Thousand Thousand Lifetimes Eorzean Collection Fruity Blackberry merlot, amber, cedar, whiskey, tobacco flower, patchouli, fire
Absinthe Tea Autumn 2021 Herbal Lemon, fig, basil, jasmine, absinthe tea, amber, oakmoss, musk
Advent of the Eighth In the Balance Spicy Citrus, lily, ozone, cinnamon bark, clove, ginger, tobacco leaf, cassia, dahlia, allspice, nutmeg, patchouli, sandalwood, raw sugar
Aethersight (new) Eorzean Collection Herbal Geranium, pomelo, pink pepper, palo santo
Aethersight (old) Eorzean Collection Green Floral, sandalwood, tonka
All Shall Be As Once It Was Eorzean Collection Aromatic Citrus zest, plum, sage, vetiver, oakmoss, orris, rosehip, tonka, oud, santal, musk, dry woods
Amber and Rose Stem Spring 2023 Floral Fresh air, rose, lily, green leaves, amber, honey
Amusement Park [R]edolence Sweet Motor oil, cotton candy, bubble gum, fire, gunsmoke
An Answer in the Stars Eorzean Collection Floral Ozone, pink pepper, plum, labdanum, rose
Anaan Memories of Thedas Aromatic Tobacco, bay leaf, oak, whiskey, spiced honey, tonka, steel
Antique Rose & Dust Standalone Floral Patchouli, orange, lilac, rose, pink pepper, ylang, jasmine, musk, vanilla, guaiac
Apple Cider Donut Breakfast Cafe Gourmand Fresh apples, baked apples, cinnamon, cider, donuts, vanilla, sugar
Apricot Summer Standalone Fruity Pear, freesia, lemon, jasmine, nectarine,a pricot, rhubarb, mandarin, peach, rose, vanilla, patchouli, tonka, amber, vetiver
Apricot Sunshine Standalone Fruity See "Apricot Summer"
Aromatic Blue Standalone Woody Grapefruit, bergamot, jasmine, lavender, cedar, musk, sandalwood
As Above, So Below In the Balance Aromatic Tobacco leaf, bergamot, lemon rind, muskmelon, cracked black pepper, clay, leather, cocoa blossom, white santal, labdanum, lavender, sweet florals
Asexual Pride 2023 Herbal Lemon, cyclamen, sage, lavender, rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus, green musk
Asexual Pride 2022 Fruity Damask rose, blackcurrant, musk
Baked Apple & Cinnamon Standalone Gourmand Raw cinnamon, clove, Macintosh apple, maple butter, vanilla bean
Balance's Hope Balance and Ruin Floral Cucumber, clover fern, pink peppercorn, freesia, rose, jasmine, hydrangea, green vines, violet, sandalwood, cashmere, musk
Banana Bread Breakfast Cafe Gourmand Banana, spice, sugar, tonka bean, butter, vanilla, walnut, lemon zest
Banana Milk Standalone Gourmand Banana, milk, vanilla
Basil and Nectarine Standalone Herbal Fresh basil, nectarine
Benevolent Soul Fòdlan Winds Gourmand Sweet cream, fresh apple, caramel, mixed berries, creme brulee, vanilla buttercream, pie crust
Birthday Cake Standalone Gourmand White cake, vanilla buttercream
Bisexual Pride 2023 Spicy Ozone, chili pepper, mandarin, guava, orange, coconut, peppercorn
Bisexual Pride 2022 Spicy Malabar pepper, cedar, sandalwood, amber
Black Amber and Plum Standalone Aromatic Fir, cypress, plum, cinnamon, saffron, woods, benzoin, incense
Black Cardamom & Cream Autumn 2022 Spicy Cinnamon, peppercorn, cream, black cardamom, ginger, tonka, chestnut, woods
Black Pepper and Leather Standalone Spicy Black pepper, leather
Black Raspberry and Vanilla Standalone Fruity Fresh raspberry, vanilla
Blood Orange Standalone Fruity Bergamot, grapefruit, orange, neroli, green leaves, cedar
Blooming Overachiever Fòdlan Winds Fruity Pear, apricot, nectarine, vanilla, patchouli, vetiver
Blueberry Pancakes Breakfast Cafe Gourmand Blueberry, peach, orange zest, cinnamon, almond, coconut, condensed milk, sugar, vanilla
Brown Sugar Boba Tiny Tea Gourmand Brown sugar, black tea, caramel, milk
Calabrian Lemon and Lilac Leaf Standalone Aromatic Lemon, basil, jade water, lilac, sea breeze, juniper
Caramel Apple Autumn 2021 Fruity Honeycrisp apple, Macintosh apple, caramel
Choir Boy Memories of Thedas Aromatic Camphor, oakmoss, cedar, incense, dark amber, birchwood
Chords of Steel Turnabout Spicy Bergamot, ginger, lemon, cardamom, nutmeg, rose, incense, woods, labdanum amber, musk
Christmas Tree Winter 2021 Fresh Balsam fir
Citrus Berry Standalone Fruity Grapefruit, lemon, lime, pineapple, blackberry, cucumer, jasmine, champagne
City of Chains Memories of Thedas Earthy Patchouli, camphor, bamboo, lavender, vetiver, dark musk, chalk
Coconut Basil Lime Verbena Standalone Fruity Coconut, lime, basil, verbena
Coffee Biscuit Eorzean Collection Gourmand Cinnamon, nutmeg, coffee, pastry, sugar cane, tonka, toasted almond, chocolate, cake, strawberry, heliotrope
Cola Standalone Gourmand it's just cola
Cool Water and Eucalyptus Standalone Green Eucalyptus, ozone, blue fern, agave, white musk
Cotton Candy Standalone Sweet Spun sugar
Courtroom Air Guitar Turnabout Fresh Sea spray, eucalyptus, citrus zest, cashmere, florals, earthy mint, cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, amber musk
Creamy Woods and Sweet Musk Standalone Woody Coconut, orange blossom, jasmine, santal, blonde woods, amber, musk
Crest Scholar Fòdlan Winds Fresh White tea, ozone, cotton blossom, linen, lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, vanilla, sandalwood, powder, paper, musk
Crimson Sunrise Eorzean Collection Aromatic Herbs, sweet mint, florals, ozone
Cucumber Water Standalone Green Cucumber, watery accord
Dancing Mad Balance and Ruin Sweet Rice powder, beeswax, coconut, candy apple, raspberry, currant, tulip, heliotrope, rose, vanilla bourbon, amber, cashmere, tonka, gunsmoke
Deep Sea Standalone Fresh Sea salt, kelp, marine accord, ozone
Depression Haircut (new) Eorzean Collection Earthy Gunpowder, citrus, rhum, clove, labdanum, oakwood, patchouli, amber, tobacco leaf, leather
Dog Country Memories of Thedas Earthy Soil, oak, mahogany, smoke
Dragonfruit Iced Tea Tiny Tea Fruity Crushed dragonfruit, red berries
Dread Wolf Memories of Thedas Aromatic Pine, cypress, ozone, cedar, eucalyptus, bayberry, oakmoss, peppercorn, rosemary
Elderflower Anise Autumn 2021 Herbal Elderflower, star anise
Electric Rose Standalone Floral Rose
Emperor's Confidant Fòdlan Winds Aromatic Coffee, chocolate, amber, dark floral, mossy woods
Eucalyptus and Sea Glass Standalone Fresh Dewy greens, mist, lily, lavender, citrus, eucalyptus, cedar, oakmoss, resin, musk
Eucalyptus and Vanilla Standalone Fresh Eucalyptus, vanilla
Fleeting Spark In the Balance Spicy Lit matches, elemi, cacao, apple, clove bud, cinnamon stick, wild sumac, beeswax, burnt incense, oakmoss, mahogany, smoked vanilla, patchouli, pinecone, agar, birch, guaiac
Flowers in the Church Those Chosen by the Planet Aromatic Greens, lily, grapefruit, cardamom tea, rose, freesia, hydrangea, pink pepper, sandalwood, oud, amber
Free Spirit Fòdlan Winds Fruity Plumeria, clover, raspberry, blackcurrant, cherry blossom, strawberry, pineapple, sweet pea, sugar, florals, vanilla, tonka, amber, musk, sandalwood
French Toast Breakfast Cafe Gourmand Maple syrup, caramelized sugar, custard, cinnamon, bread, vanilla bean, butter
Fresh Bread Breakfast Cafe Gourmand Yeast, oats, dough, melted butter
Fresh Cut Grass Standalone Green Grass, soil
Fresh Dirt Standalone Earthy Soil, oak, mahogany, smoke
Fruit Punch Standalone Fruity Pineapple, papaya, guava, orange, apple, apricot, passionfruit
Gallery Fopdoodles Turnabout Earthy Palm leaf, coffee, oak, leather, patchouli, caramel, smoked vanilla, whiskey, dried woods
Garden Mint Standalone Earthy Earthy mint
Gingerbread Winter 2021 Gourmand Nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, molasses, brown sugar, vanilla, ginger, melted butter
Glib Tongue Memories of Thedas Aromatic Bergamot, powder, lavender, vanilla, ylang, amber, saffron, clove, sandalwood, musk, incense, red wine
Glühwein Winter 2021 Aromatic Orange, raisin, apple, brandy, ginger, nutmeg, brown sugar, vanilla, clove
Golden Strategist Fòdlan Winds Aromatic Orange blossom, citrus, coriander, ozone, cinnamon, clove bud, vanilla, cream, amyris, jasmine, coffee, sea salt, musk, black amber, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, night violet
Grape Soda Standalone Fruity Artificial grape, sugar
Guilty Pleasures Memories of Thedas Floral Gardenia, tea rose, cherry blossom, black tea, leather, steel
Hamburgers and Ramen Turnabout Sweet Grapefruit, bergamot, thyme, sweet pea, white tea, nutmeg, rose, honey, tuberose, jasmine
Hear, Feel, Think Eorzean Collection Sweet Oats, milk, honey, vanilla
Herbal Lavender Wood Standalone Floral Lavender, rosemary, pear, rose, lilac, geranium, clove, woods
Heritor of the Curse Fòdlan Winds Earthy Black pepper, clove, saffron, lily of the valley, cedar, eucalyptus, patchouli, tonka, smoke, guaiac, vanilla, hay
Hero of Darkness Eorzean Collection Fruity Dark chocolate, black cherry
Hero of Light Eorzean Collection Fresh Sweetgrass, citrus, rice flower, cotton blossom, lily, jasmine, amber, musk, sea salt, vanilla bean
Hibiscus Tea Standalone Fruity Dried hibiscus flower, agave nectar
Higanbana Eorzean Collection Floral Amber, rose, sweet tobacco, black pepper
Honey and Clary Sage Standalone Herbal Wildflower honey, almond milk, florals, clary sage, greens, amber, tobacco flower
Honeycomb Spring 2022 Sweet Beeswax, honey, bee pollen, orange zest, applewood, vanilla
Honeydew Milk Tea Tiny Tea Fruity Honeydew melon, milk tea, honey boba
Honorbound Those Chosen by the Planet Aromatic Orange blossom, cassis, coriander, black pepper, sweet tobacco, sage, jasmine, lavender, smoked birch, myrrh, guaiac
Hudson Chamolime Standalone Earthy Yarrow bud, blue chamomile, peony, sage, marine accord, patchouli, guaiac, amber, spruce, rosewood
Hydrangea Standalone Floral Hydrangea blossom
I Am the Sea Eorzean Collection Fresh Salty air, driftwood, bamboo
Impromptu Psychoanalysis Turnabout Fruity Lemon, lime, citrus peel, jasmine, sugar, blackcurrant, patchouli, powder
In Peace, Vigilance Memories of Thedas Earthy Incense, orange, lavender, pine, tonka, cedar, vetiver, smoke, leather, steel
Indulgence Eorzean Collection Floral Bergamot, cardamom, black pepper, magnolia leaf, white rose, tonka
It's Just Coffee Standalone Gourmand Fresh coffee, vanilla cream, sugar
Jewel of Thavnair Eorzean Collection Aromatic Saffron, black violet, raspberry, vetiver, rose, leather, sandalwood, musk
Keep the Faith Eorzean Collection Earthy Lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, violet, cashmere, peach, vanilla, white musk
King of Figaro Balance and Ruin Fresh Lemon zest, orange blossom, cream, jasmine petals, sandalwood, leather, amber woods, cashmere, patchouli
King of Lions Fòdlan Winds Fresh Winter ozone, lemon, frozen berries, steel, cinnamon, clove, violet, rose, cedar, oakmoss, musk, leather
Knight Gallant Balance and Ruin Fresh Ozone, bergamot, lemon, dewy greens, mint, lavender, eucalyptus, green tea, rose, amber, moss, violet, woods, steel
Kupo! Creatures of the Crystal Sweet Sugar, eucalyptus, ozone, smoked oak wood
Kweh! Creatures of the Crystal Fruity Lemon, pineapple, kiwi, melon, tropical flowers
La Hee! Eorzean Collection Woody Amber, sandalwood, vanilla, cedar, earthy greens, subtle florals
Labdanum Calamus Standalone Green Calamus, jasmine, ozone, galbanum, petrichor, labdanum, vanilla
Lavandin and Vanilla Standalone Aromatic Lavender, jasmine, coconut, vanilla balsam, whipped honey
Lavender Caraway Standalone Herbal Citrus, lavender, caraway seed, rosemary, anise, cedar, powder, eucalyptus, camphor
Lavender Chamomile Laundry Standalone Herbal Lavender, chamomile
Lavender Vanilla Standalone Herbal Lavender, vanilla
Lesbian Pride 2023 Fruity Apple, raspberry, champagne, lily, jasmine, peach, coconut, sugar
Lesbian Pride 2022 Aromatic Orange blossom, lime, cotton, plum, pomegranate, bamboo, beechwood
Levinforge In the Balance Aromatic Basil, lemongrass, spearmint, coriander, lavender, aged whiskey barrel, cinnamon, oakmoss, cedar, mahogany, sandalwood, suede, amber, stone
LGBTQ/Rainbow Pride 2023 Fresh Marine accord, greens, herbs, dry woods, sea salt, leather, cedar, black pepper
Living Legacy Those Chosen by the Planet Fresh Sea salt, white tea, starfruit, citrus, rosemary, champaca flower, lotus, algae, blonde woods, amber, musk, patchouli
London Fog Latte Autumn 2022 Gourmand Black tea, bergamot, lavender, steamed milk
Lord of the Abyss Fòdlan Winds Earthy Pink pepper, bergamot, clover fern, fig leaf, clary sage, rose, jasmine, geranium, green stems, violet, incense, oakmoss, musk, cedar, sandalwood, labdanum
Lost in Dreams Memories of Thedas Ozonic ???
Mangonada Standalone Fruity Mango, chamoy, chili-lime seasoning
Manifesto Memories of Thedas Herbal Healing herbs, rosemary, lavender, camphor, sage, chamomile, cedar, sandalwood, smoke, fire, stone, steel
Mankind's First Hero Eorzean Collection Herbal Sweet lavender, spiced mint, Meyer lemon, smoked vanilla
Mare Lamentorum Eorzean Collection Ozonic Metallic, stone, dust, cold air, cactus flower
Matcha Latte Tiny Tea Earthy Matcha powder, milk, honey
Murder of Crows Memories of Thedas Spicy Cardamom, black peppercorn, pink peppercorn, tobacco leaf, vetiver, cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron, sandalwood, leather, musk
Muscadine Cassis Autumn 2021 Fruity Blackcurrant, grape, huckleberry, cinnamon, clove, rose, tonka, vanilla, patchouli, musk
My Enemy, My Friend Eorzean Collection Aromatic Lemon, cardamom, mandarin, bergamot, tonka, black pepper, jasmine, amber noir, sandalwood, patchouli, white musk
My New Old Friend Eorzean Collection Floral Lilac, rose, gardenia, paper, teakwood, clove, musk, patchouli, sandalwood
Myriad Truths Eorzean Collection Aromatic Plum, citrus, amber, jasmine, dark musk, amyris, benzoin
Mystical Songstress Fòdlan Winds Fruity Berries, sparkling champagne, cognac, lily, peach, honeysuckle, violet leaf, spices, sugar, cabernet, musk, white woods
Night in the Brume Eorzean Collection Aromatic Mandarin, damask plum, muguet, maple, chocolate liqueur, smoked cognac, cocoa, jasmine noir, cassis, rosehip, sugared tonka, oud, musk, santal, whiskey, spices
Night-Blooming Moonflower Standalone Floral Agave, pear, cherry blossom, rose, fresh water, amber, musk, powder
Nightingale Memories of Thedas Floral Heather, amber, sandalwood, white jasmine, musk, metal
Noble of the Red Rose Fòdlan Winds Floral Citrus, pear, lily, lavender, rose, jasmine, lilac, green tea, pink peppercorn, vanilla, carnation, white woods
Noblest of Nobles Fòdlan Winds Aromatic Earl grey tea, green tea, pink peppercorn
Nog of Egg Winter 2021 Gourmand Vanilla, sugar, cream, cloves, cinnamon, fluffy beaten egg, spiced rum
Nonbinary Pride 2023 Aromatic See "Nonbinary" (Pride 2022)
Nonbinary Pride 2022 Aromatic English lavender, Meyer lemon, vanilla, tonka
Northwest Hike Standalone Earthy Bergamot, mandarin, lemon, iris, jamine, leather, patchouli, oakwood, musk
Objection! Turnabout Woody Peppercorn, cedar, orange zest, sandalwood, jasmine, neroli, cashmere, vetiver, Cabernet grape
Oh, Do Not Look At Me So Eorzean Collection Gourmand Hot chocolate, caramel, metal
Oracle Eorzean Collection Floral Elderflower, peony, berry nectar, citrus, sandalwood, patchouli, amber, cedar
Pansexual Pride 2023 Sweet Bergamot, sweet orange, apple, honey, toffee, white musk
Peach Magnolia Standalone Fruity Peach, berry, pineapple, magnolia, sweet florals, white woods
Peach Nectar Spring 2022 Fruity Peach, berries, stone fruit, coconut, mandarin, violet, vanilla
Peak Condensation Standalone Citrus Lemon-lime, sugar
Pear Tree Standalone Fruity Apple, citrus, pear, sugar, musk, woods, benzoin
Peppermint Winter 2021 Fresh Peppermint
Perfume Shop Standalone Aromatic Blackcurrant, fir, citrus, pink pepper, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, rose, tuberose, iris, woods, resin, balsam, eucalyptus
Pineapple Standalone Fruity Pineapple, papaya, guava, orange, apple, apricot, passionfruit
Plastic Fantastic Standalone Sweet Citrus, jasmine, lily, amber, light musk, sweet woods
Plum Pastry Autumn 2021 Gourmand Orange peel, honey, walnut, plum, butter, vanilla, sugar, cinnamon
Polyamorous Pride 2023 Fresh Citrus, mint, lavender, greens, sandalwood, cedar, amber, musk
Princess of Brigid Fòdlan Winds Aromatic Sea air, starfruit, pink peppercorn, salty driftwood, mimosa, poppy, cedar, amber salt, tonka, vanilla
Prodigal Daughter Memories of Thedas Herbal Blackberry, wild herbs, sweetgrass, sage, night violet, rosemary, jasmine, fire
Pumpkin and Persimmon Standalone Spicy Blood orange, kumquat, pumpkin, persimmon, clove, allspice, ginger, brown sugar, vanilla
Pumpkin Pie Autumn 2021 Spicy Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, pumpkin, clove, vanilla, pie crust
Pumpkin Pie (Jack-o-Lantern) Standalone Gourmand Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, pie crust, vanilla cream
Rainbow Eucalyptus Standalone Herbal Eucalyptus, lavender, mint, woods
Raw Sugar Mandarin Summer 2023 Fruity Cane sugar, orange zest, mandarin, sweet hay, vanilla
Reunion Those Chosen by the Planet Earthy Bitter orange, fennel, neroli, clove, ozone, curacao, suede, cypress, olibanum, sweet violet
Rose and Jasmine Standalone Floral Bergamot, lemon, lavender, jasmine, rose, carnation, pink peppercorn, sandalwood, clove, amber, vanilla
Rose and Spruce Standalone Aromatic Lemon flower, lemon rind, white rose, blue spruce, patchouli, fir, sandalwood
Rosewood and Resin Standalone Aromatic Citrus zest, tea rose, morning mist, cedar, white thyme, lavender, crushed patchouli, vetiver, amber
Rosy Grape Standalone Fruity Rose, muscat grape
S'mores Standalone Gourmand Sweet caramelized marshmallow, melted chocolate, graham cracker
Saffron and Ginger Standalone Herbal Saffron, ginger
Sage and Clove Standalone Herbal Sage, clove, florals
Sage and Incense Standalone Herbal Flowering sage, incense
Sage, Balsam, and Rosemary Standalone Herbal Clary sage, balsam, rosemary
Sakura Blossom Standalone Floral Sweet florals
Salt and Kelp Standalone Fresh Sea salt, kelp, white musk, vetiver
Salted Watermelon Standalone Fruity Watermelon, sea salt
Sandalwood Incense and Amber Standalone Aromatic Bergamot, grapefruit, muskmelon, jasmine, clay, leather, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, spice
Scholar of Misfortune Fòdlan Winds Sweet Peach, butter frosting, berries, lemon drop, cotton candy, rhubarb, caramel, vanilla cream, white cake
Seaside Dew Standalone Fresh Citrus, florals, greens, watery ozone, woods, resin
Seventh Heaven Those Chosen by the Planet Fruity Calamansi, pink pepper, aloe, peach, clary sage, rum absolute, tangerine blossom, coriander, styrax, tobacco leaf, vanilla woods
Shadow and Shade Eorzean Collection Ozonic Ozone, gypsum, dust
She Who Would Be Emperor Fòdlan Winds Fresh Sea salt, kelp, ozone, crushed apple blossom, wildflower honey, jasmine, bruised roses, vanilla sheer musk, anemone, metal
Shield's Successor Fòdlan Winds Aromatic Ocean mist, ozone, citrus, lavender, steel, tonka, amber, peppercorn, watery accord, salt, leather, sandalwood, incense, musk
Sincerest of Knights Fòdlan Winds Aromatic Chili pepper, camphor, citrus, floral, cedar, amber, golden musk, myrrh
Skyhold Memories of Thedas Fresh Winter ozone, bayberry, cypress, fir, metal, stone, timber
Smoked Vanilla Standalone Sweet Smoked vanilla
Soft Woods and Musk Standalone Earthy Florals, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, cedar, moss
Spiced Cranberry Winter 2021 Fruity Cranberry, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger
Spiced Leather and Tonka Bean Standalone Aromatic Bergamot, lavender, spiced leather, tonka
Squapes Eorzean Collection Fruity Grape candy
Strawberry and Guava Standalone Fruity Guava, strawberry, mango, passionfruit, peach, sugar, vanilla
Strawberry Milk Standalone Fruity Strawberry, vanilla milk, sugar, coconut
Strawberry Patch Standalone Fruity Ripe strawberry, greens
Strawberry Pound Cake Breakfast Cafe Gourmand Fresh strawberry, candied strawberry, vanilla cake, whipped cream
Sultana Dreaming Eorzean Collection Aromatic Mandarin leaf, orange blossom, rose, vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla bourbon, amber, leather, tonka
Suplex Balance and Ruin Earthy Green tea, sweet basil, peppermint, cinnamon, suede, whiskey barrel, thyme, palm leaf, amber, violet, marigold, oakmoss
Swashbuckler Memories of Thedas Fruity Sea air, ozone, lime, orange, guava, agave, tequila, copper
Sweet Cherry Candy Standalone Fruity Cherry, mixed berries, sugar
Sweet Cream Standalone Sweet Vanilla cream
Sweet Lime Summer 2023 Fruity Sugared limeade, bergamot, vanilla extract
Sword of the Fury (new) Eorzean Collection Woody White woods, anise, crushed nutmeg, white chocolate, vanilla accord, vermouth, birchwood, patchouli, sandalwood
Sword of the Fury (old) Eorzean Collection Herbal Balsam, winter ozone, wintergreen, bayberry, leather
Taciturn Devotee Fòdlan Winds Green Lemongrass, sweet basil, peppermint, grass, thyme, leaves, moss, sage, marigold
Thai Tea Tiny Tea Earthy Ceylon black tea, coconut milk, sugar
Thanatos Death & I Aromatic Rosehip, jasmine, ozone, dust
The Azure Dragoon Eorzean Collection Aromatic Dragon's Blood incense, patchouli, orange blossom, cedar, clove, frankincense, tonka bean, leather, steel
The Bunker [R]edolence Ozonic Ozone, metal, wisteria, lotus
The Chant of Light Memories of Thedas Aromatic Floral incense, citrus, neroli, cinnamon, balsam, rose, violet, white jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, musk
The Deep Roads Memories of Thedas Earthy Dust, stone, chalk, smoke, sage, herbs
The Ewer Brimmeth Eorzean Collection Fresh Sea salt, pine, citrus, rosehip, paper, fig, rosewood, coriander
The Hand Revertere Ad Auroram Earthy Cardamom, clove, peppercorn, citrus, rose, violet, leather, dry woods, amber, musk
The King Revertere Ad Auroram Fresh Citrus, cucumber, marine accord, watermint, lavender, greens, vetiver, woods
The Oracle Revertere Ad Auroram Floral Berries, peach, fresh air, rose milk, magnolia, lilac, green leaves, white musk, blonde woods, vanilla, carnation
The Scourge Revertere Ad Auroram Aromatic Peppercorn, apple, citrus zest, cassis, lavender, rosemary, magnolia, rose, oakmoss, patchouli, tonka, black amber
The Shield Revertere Ad Auroram Aromatic Bay leaf, tobacco leaf, caramel, oud, jasmine, leather, musk, dark woods
The Shot Revertere Ad Auroram Fresh Coconut water, basil, mint, citrus, eucalyptus, plumeria, sparkling water, vanilla, rosemary, sandalwood
The Value of a Life Eorzean Collection Earthy Magnolia, apple, spiced amber, cedar, pine
The World Unsundered Eorzean Collection Aromatic Amber, vanilla, green leaves, cedar, sandalwood, jasmine, rose, geranium
Thousand Needles Creatures of the Crystal Green Cactus flower, succulents, earthy greens, sea salt
To Catch a Falling Star Eorzean Collection Aromatic Lilac, lavender, chamomile, gardenia, peony, rose, white amber, musk
Toasted Marshmallow and Pumpkin Brulee Standalone Aromatic Vanilla, brown sugar, marshmallow, pumpkin seed, vetiver, amber, cashmere accord, cedar, musk
Tomorrow and Tomorrow Eorzean Collection Fresh Eucalyptus, peppermint, gardenia, cotton, hyacinth, sandalwood, musk, ylang
Transgender Pride 2023 Fruity Raspberry, mandarin, rose, lychee, red currant, oud, benzoin, musk
Transgender Pride 2022 Earthy Geranium, pomelo, pink pepper, palo santo
Treasure Hunter Balance and Ruin Aromatic Petitgrain, grapefruit, clove, tobacco, amber, gardenia, myrrh, firewood, musk
Tuberose and Tulip Standalone Floral Tuberose, tulip
Twas the End of Our Era Eorzean Collection Fruity See "A Thousand Thousand Lifetimes"
Unnecessary Feelings Turnabout Aromatic Orange bitters, rock salt, mahogany wood, pink pepper, oakmoss, paprika, bourbon, tonka
Val Royeaux Memories of Thedas Earthy Leafy greens, petitgrain, neroli, jasmine, orange blossom, powder, patchouli
Vanilla Daffodil and Narcissus Spring 2023 Floral Daffodil, cantaloupe, vanilla
Vanilla Eggnog Winter 2023 Gourmand Amaretto, rum, vanilla, butter, sugar, cream, spices
Vermillion Scourge Eorzean Collection Spicy Red tea, saffron, nutmeg, pink pepper, smoky woods, dried grass, citrus
Vintage Hollywood Standalone Aromatic Powdery floral, beeswax, heliotrope, rice powder, vanilla bourbon, tonka bean
Wailers and Waterwheels Eorzean Collection Green Green leaves, citrus, resin, cedar, frankincense, musk
Wandering Flame Fòdlan Winds Aquatic Citrus, cassis, ozone, lotus, hyacinth, jasmine, orchid, sea water, algae, watery fern, patchouli, seaweed, soft woods, musk, damp moss
Watermelon Sugar Summer 2022 Fruity Pear blossom, pink sugar, watermelon
We Define Our Worth Eorzean Collection Fruity Blueberry, bergamot, lemon, rosemary, thyme, vanilla, musk
Weaponized Prayer Beads Turnabout Aromatic Aloe, citrus zest, ambrette, bamboo, green leaves, tuberose, incense, tonka, vanilla, musk, teakwood
White Lily Floral Standalone Floral Lily, jasmine, sandalwood
White Pine and Grapefruit Winter 2023 Fresh Fir, white pine, clove, mistletoe berry, pink grapefruit, lily, pineapple
White Snow, Black Steel Eorzean Collection Aromatic Bergamot, lavender, geranium, leather, cypress, tobacco, steel
Wicked White Eorzean Collection Aromatic Bergamot, lemon, orange, geranium, muguet, rose petal, amber, vanilla accord, musk
Wildflower Honey Standalone Sweet Honey, florals
Witty One-Liners Memories of Thedas Aromatic Greens, rose, carnation, lily of the valley, ylang ylang, powder, peppercorn, sandalwood, warm leather
Yuzu and Hinoki Standalone Fruity Yuzu, pear, mandarin, ylang, plum blossom, hinoki, apricot wood, patchouli
Yuzu Float Standalone Fruity Sparkling yuzu soda, sweetened milk
Zagreus (old) Death & I Fruity Pomegranate, fire