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A Legacy Entrusted: Emet-Selch (Endwalker version) - FFXIV Inspired Wax Melts

A Legacy Entrusted: Emet-Selch (Endwalker version) - FFXIV Inspired Wax Melts

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Sophisticated blackberry merlot combines with tobacco flower, dark amber, rich cocoa butter, and cashmere. A slight smokiness hovers around the top, lingering after the rest have faded. 

A white wax, with gold glitter-- simple and composed.

One unit of melts is composed of six 1"x1" cubes that can be broken apart by hand for use in wax warmers. Decorated with eco-glitter that is made from sustainable, ethically harvested plant material.

Wax used is a soy/paraffin blend. Due to the handmade nature of these melts, color may vary from pictures in listing.

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Customer Reviews

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Corn Father
One of the Best I've ordered

I managed to get one of these when they first went on sale and liked it so much I got two more when they got restocked. The scent mixes between the woods and the cocoa extremely well, with the cashmere coming through as a good note (my gf made the comment, without knowing the scent notes, that it smelled like silk). An extremely good ambient scent. Not "fresh", but "mellow". Perfect for a quiet subdued evening or for filling a room and then turning off so that it lingers on the edge of the senses.

Turk's Wax Melter
His Legacy

If his legacy is eating wax... I'm doing it. Not only do these look delicious but they're 100% waxy gooness. 13/10 wax melters agree.

The Least Polarizing Thing About Emet-Selch

You love him, hate him, or love to hate him. This inspired fragrance wraps you in all the words left unsaid that leave you with a calm sense of acceptance and closure. A somewhat sweet, lightly floral scent, it balances each without favoritism for one or the other and remains as impartial as the Seat it embodies.
Or, if you're my roommate, it smells like floral strawberries and you want to eat it.
Either way.
Compare to 'A Thousand Thousand Lifetimes' for fun juxtaposition.

Buy if: it's in stock.
Don't buy if: it's out of stock. This is often.

This one is the good one.

This one is the good one. Buy this one. Leave Shb Emet alone ~

This is a (fittingly) softer version with similar notes. Very nice mixed with Hyth.

Jesse Craig
Unlike his namesake...

These melts are delightfully warm and friendly, unlike their namesake!
They are a warm hug after a stressful and bad day. Hoarding them is a good idea, 10/10 recommended.