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Those Chosen By The Planet: REDUX -- Wax Melts

Those Chosen By The Planet: REDUX -- Wax Melts

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A bigger and better reimagining of my original FFVII-inspired collection... the wax melts version!

Big Shot: Barret Wallace
The warmth of cinnamon syrup and bittersweet licorice salt linger at the top of the blend. A comfortable medley of black honey, brown sugar, peach, lavender, and amber mingle with smoked cherrywood, caramel, myrrh, tonka, and sage for a lingering scent.

Flowers in the Church: Aerith Gainsborough 
A sweet symphony that begins with juicy apple, peach, lychee, and citrus. Blooms burst forth with lilac, freesia, jasmine, rose, and magnolia-- and a kick of pink pepper. Creamy sandalwood and light musk linger at the base.

Heir Apparent: Rufus Shinra 
Unrepentant indulgence is the name of the game, beginning with bergamot, cashmere, and amber head notes. Tobacco leaf and rose effortlessly combine with blackened sandalwood and a snifter of cognac, supported by leather, red cedar, and tonka bean.

Highwind: Cid Highwind
Spicy, herbaceous tones generate a forward impression, starting with clove, peppercorn, and basil, complementing with florals, tomato leaf, coconut, and fig. Nostalgic notes of worn leather, cashmere, and musk are offset by wet grass and ambergris.

Honorbound: Zack Fair 
Bright, energizing citrus leads into a romantic, yet masculine core of leather, geranium, lavender, vanilla rose, and magnolia-- though the atmosphere is sobered by lingering notes of leather, metal, and musk encased in tonka and linden blossom.

Living Legacy: Cloud Strife 
Evoking the formless nature of water and its mysterious depths, notes of misty ozone and citrus cede to a soft, aquatic heart of kelp, sea brine, anemone, and geranium. Seaside flowers add sweetness to oakmoss, clove, and sandalwood.

The Nightmare Begins: Vincent Valentine 
Smoky incense and palo santo hover above a moody blend of blackberry, labdanum, leather, myrtle, rose, and velvet patchouli. Dark, brooding notes of ebony and guaiac woods join with amber, cypress, and musk, fading slowly.

Nothing Personal: Reno 
Lively bergamot and lemon merge with tart apple and tangerine, along with a nearly hidden strain of florals with rose and violet; sharp raw ginger and black pepper weave throughout, while white musk, amber, and moss form the base.

Reunion: Sephiroth 
Sharp and impossible to ignore. Bitter orange and clove are softened only slightly by neroli before they are overtaken by vetiver, oakmoss, suede, and the burn of curaçao. Cypress, as a token of mourning, is followed by olibanum, cedarwood, and fennel.

Seventh Heaven: Tifa Lockhart 
Earthy and feminine, strong yet sweet and soft; Sweet citrus and cassis lead into notes of mahogany wood, sunflower, verbena, lemongrass, and lily. Sandalwood leaves a lasting impression alongside warm amber and herbaceous tones.

The Shadow: Tseng 
Mysterious with unexpected bright spots. Crisp fresh air carries citrus, wild berries, and green tea on a breeze, all joined by a complex heart of peppercorn, anise, ginger, black spruce, and avocado. A dark, sweet base of resins and fir complete the scent.

Spare Pair: Rude 
This cool collection of mints is accented by aromatics and woods; citrus and spearmint are at the head of the blend, followed by green and marine accords and a strong note of peppermint. Warmer hints of black tea and patchouli meet earthy woods and field mint.

Wax used is a blend of soy and paraffin. Glitter used is plant-based and biodegradable. Due to the handmade nature of these products, colors may vary slightly between batches.

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I purchased the Aerith, Tifa, Barret, and Rude scents and i love all of them! Barret is my favorite out of the bunch, but all of them are unique and pleasing aromatically~