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The Dark Hour: Persona 3-Inspired Wax Melts

The Dark Hour: Persona 3-Inspired Wax Melts

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All of the Persona 3 wax melts in one place!

Memento Mori (Protagonist)
An enigmatic warm-and-cool blend, opening with ocean air opposed by smoldering embers and firesmoke. Melancholy heart notes of incense, damp earth, and decaying leaves are warmed by cashmeran, leaving labdanum and sugared greens lingering afterward.

I'm Not Who I Used To Be! (Yukari)
A fruit-forward scent with simple, strong notes of fresh strawberry and tangerine at the forefront. Cane sugar and freesia add softer tones, and sea salt cuts the sweetness slightly. A gentle base of white musk and plumeria finishes the blend.

Time To Shake Things Up A Bit! (Junpei)
Bright and boyish, the scent opens with citrus, iris, and a touch of lavender. Cool mint, pink peppercorn, and clove follow, leading into a smoky, resinous base of driftwood, benzoin, myrrh, and patchouli.

You'll Fall By My Hand! (Mitsuru)
An opulent, captivating blend. Ambrette, dark cherry, and tuberose lead into middle notes of raspberry, strawberry leaf, and milky vanilla, with a hint of red lipstick. The base of cocoa, incense, violet, and beeswax adds lasting depth.

Don't Mess With Me! (Akihiko)
The sharp scent of new leather is the first impression, followed by softer notes of linen, spring breezes, and aged maplewood. A kick of peppercorn leads into bottom notes of red oak embers and woody tones against a fruit accord.

Adios, Asshole! (Shinji)
Smoky top notes of clove, elemi, and lit matches meet with tart citrus and fold into complex middle notes of beeswax, burnt incense, oakmoss, tobacco leaf, and sage. Earthy patchouli and smoked birch are tempered by mahogany and guaiacwood at the finish.

Go On, Execute 'Em! (Ken)
This blend combines youthful tones of citrus, violet, and linen with punchy saffron and delicate white orchid. Dark, contemplative base notes of patchouli and palo santo are lifted slightly by creamy sandalwood and apple blossom.

Give Me A Sec (I'll Scan The Target)! (Fuuka)
A gentle floral medley that begins with citrus-touched freesia, tuberose, and teakwood. Jasmine, Grasse rose, cedar, and paper notes take the heart position, followed by a mellow finish with amber tones, sandalwood, and sheer musk.

Fatal Strike (Aigis)
Geranium, clove, cardamom, and black pepper form a spiced floral crown atop the heart of violet, white rose, and magnolia leaf. A rich base of ambergris, cedar, vanilla, and tonka linger gently.

All wax melts are made from a blend of soy and paraffin waxes, and are decorated with biodegradable glitter made from ethically- and sustainably-sourced plant material.

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