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Down By the River: Baldur's Gate 3 Inspired Snap Bars

Down By the River: Baldur's Gate 3 Inspired Snap Bars

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A collection of scents inspired by the companions of Baldur's Gate 3. 

If you're looking for the candle versions, check here!

Scent descriptions:

  • The Blade of Frontiers: Wyll
    An earthy yet dry scent with fragrant bay leaf and fir leading into heart notes of cedar, bergamot, and gardenia. Tobacco leaf brings a slightly smoky note, and amber and sandalwood add depth. 
  • Daughter of Darkness: Shadowheart
    Juicy berries and spiced pomegranate lead this scent, followed by a deep floral heart with fresh clary sage; sweet pine, white amber, and vanilla provide lingering base notes.
  • The First Druid: Halsin
    A green, earthy blend that opens with notes of clove, soil, eucalyptus, and basil. Pine and cypress are offset by herbaceous thyme and playful wildflower honey, followed by cedar, moss, incense, patchouli, and warm leather.
  • The Githyanki Warrior: Lae'zel
    Mallow, sea lettuce, and citrus top notes quickly give way to a bold medley of swamp rose, sweet pepper bush, rhum, clove, and labdanum. Creeping bentgrass, lichen, amber, leather, oakwood, and moss add softer earth tones to the base.
  • Our Fiery Friend: Karlach
    A bold and unmistakable blend from the outset, bitter orange and firesmoke precede anise and beeswax. A kick of ginger comes before a grounded base of clove, bran, and cedarwood.
  • The Pale Elf: Astarion
    A complex, subtle fragrance. Satiny notes of rosewood, lignin, bergamot, and a touch of coffee open into a resinous heart of iso e super, vetiver, leather, and florals. Civettone, firsantol, ambrox super, tonka, cacao, and woody incense finish the blend.
  • The Wizard of Waterdeep: Gale
    Fresh notes of soil, wet leaves, branches, and paper set the tone for this scent, fading into crisp autumn air, melancholy petrichor, whiskey, and charred oak. Lavender, oakmoss, incense, cedar, and tobacco leaf linger beneath.

Made from a blend of soy and paraffin waxes. Glitter is made from ethically- and sustainably-sourced plant material. Please be advised that colors will vary somewhat between batches.

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Customer Reviews

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Heavenly Ambiance

I got The Pale Elf, Our Fiery Friend, and The Wizard of Waterdeep, and I can't think of a better mood-setter while playing Baldur's Gate 3 than filling the room with the scent of whoever I'm partied with (Astarion) or romancing (Gale). Astarion's scent is like a spicy-sweet cologne, enticing and exciting as it invites you in with promises of sweet vanilla dreams; Karlach's scent is heavy and sharp, almost oppressive in its manifestation, but with a soft undercurrent reminiscent of warm hearths and spicy chocolate; Gale's scent is earth and stone, bold but gentle as it envelops the senses with spice, moss, and musk. I love these, and I'll definitely get more when I run out. I'm still awaiting my Shadowheart melts, which I'm sure I'll also love, so I'll give an update when those arrive!

I Am Now Ruined For All Other Fragrances

Seriously, these bars smell amazing. I bought the First Druid one and the Pale Elf. Both are lovely and fragrant. The Pale Elf one I kept open ing the packaging to take a whiff every few minutes or so. These smell amazing and made my whole upstairs office smell fantastic. Would purchase from again (in fact, I have already!)