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A Thousand Thousand Lifetimes: Emet-Selch (Shadowbringers version) - FFXIV Inspired Wax Melts

A Thousand Thousand Lifetimes: Emet-Selch (Shadowbringers version) - FFXIV Inspired Wax Melts

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A heady blend of blackberry merlot, amber, cedarwood, whiskey, tobacco flower, patchouli, and the unmistakable scent of fire.

Dusty pink wax with gold glitter.

One unit of melts is composed of six 1"x1" cubes that can be broken apart by hand for use in wax warmers.

Wax used is a 52/48 blend of soy and paraffin. Due to the handmade nature of these melts, color may vary from pictures in listing.

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Customer Reviews

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Melda Celegoth
Emet-Selch Needs A Hug

I don’t know how you do it, but this is the third FFXIV scent that makes me want to steal a dude's jacket like I'm back in high school. I already loved Emet-Selch, and once I finished the "Shadowbringers" expansion a few months ago I needed to know:


This... this rich and sweet shadow with a hint of tobacco and whiskey trailing behind is perfect. A subtle sharpness beneath deep and gentle sorrow, it's the scent of a long-gone past, warm and inviting and unplaceable in time. It's a perfect homage to Emet-Selch, and I'm excited to try the "Endwalker" variant once I catch up in-game.

It good!

The tobacco smell isn't very overpowering, and it had a sharp fruity smell to it. 10/10, would recommend if you wanna smell a depressed old mage :,3

Weary Wanderer

Does wax feel pain? Will it hurt as you sunder it, taking off cubes and then melting, reshaping, using them until they are malformed things that even if they tried could never quite be the same? Do you look upon this thing you created, this essence of what was, in awe? Do you like what you've done? Do you look upon the rest in fear that they, too, will someday meet the same fate? This may not give you the same existentialism but it does feel mildly nostalgic, with the perfect balance of smoke and the rest. Is not too strong, surprisingly, but can be overbearing if you're sensitive to colognes.

Buy if: You like warm scents, you like the smell of fire
Don't buy if: You're not into smoky scents, merlot, or existentialism.

Turk's Wax Melter
Old Man Taste

This wax treat feels like the kind of thing an old man with extremely refined taste would enjoy. Its a little decadent but in a good way. Melts perfectly for my heat. Id recommend this to any wax warmer who wants a good time with an older, sophisticated scented melt should get themselves some of this. Like all Luminis melts, its a joy. 12/10

HE HAUNTS MY SOUL (in a good way)

Literally my favorite out of the whole collection. Would buy a lifetime supply if I didn't need to buy food. Should only be melted in a thematically accurate vessel.