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A Long Awaited Adventure: G'raha Tia - 6oz Final Fantasy XIV Inspired Candle

A Long Awaited Adventure: G'raha Tia - 6oz Final Fantasy XIV Inspired Candle

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A warm, comfortable blend with notes of mild cinnamon and clove, sweet cream, salted caramel, rich vanilla, and worn leather.

Each candle is approximately 6 ounces, though fill levels may vary slightly. Made using a blend of soy and paraffin waxes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sweet and strong

Strong scent of cinnamon with a nice sweet overall scent, very energizing.

Roxy Kelly
Perfect gift for a fan!

Bought this for my sibling for Christmas, arrived good and early, they were beyond impressed.

Absolutely wonderful!

I adore this candle so much. I'd been waiting eagerly for a restock. I keep it on my desk next to my G'raha figure and standees. Smells as sweet as best boi is. I'm glad it has a lid to help preserve it, I have no plans for burning it because I want to keep it forever XD

Cinnamon Roll - Really.

This candle is the warmth of drinking your favorite beverage around a campfire with people close to you. It is reminiscent of holidays, of warm sweets, of hot drinks pressed into cold hands with soft words. It is finally taking the leap to do that One Thing, seeing that person you haven't in so long, endings and beginnings shared with friends. It is cozy nights in the rocking chair, cozy mornings on the couch with a warm cinnamon roll, not overpowering but strong enough that you breathe deep when you're near.

Buy if: You like spiced drinks, enjoy cinnamon, like cozy
Don't buy if: You prefer florals. But really why would you click this if you did?

Jordi L
Absolutely Heartwarming

Not to be sappy, but it definitely gave me the impression of hugging this particular catboy. The scent is so lovely and rich that I light it whenever I feel the need to look towards something bigger and greater. The cinnamon in particular just mixes with with the rest of the scents to give it this binding sensation of 'home'. So lovely. Can't wait to buy again!