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Luminis Candle Co.

A Legacy Entrusted: Emet-Selch - 6oz Final Fantasy XIV Inspired Candle

A Legacy Entrusted: Emet-Selch - 6oz Final Fantasy XIV Inspired Candle

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Sophisticated blackberry merlot combines with tobacco flower, dark amber, rich cocoa butter, and cashmere. A slight smokiness hovers around the top, lingering after the rest have faded.

Made using a blend of soy and paraffin waxes. Wax weight is approximately 6 ounces, though fill levels may vary slightly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I can’t stop sniffing it

I buy a lot of candles from indie artisans and I was really impressed by everything in my order. This one has got to be my favorite of the bunch, though. It’s complex and well-balanced without relying on some common base notes I smell in a lot of other indie scents. Not only all that, but this scent really fits the character, too! What if I just ordered like 10 more??

Legion Ratfell
I love this candle I want to buy 50 more of them

This is such a gorgeous scent! I’m obsessed with it honestly and will walk by it and give it a good sniff even when it’s not lit haha. Context for the character is perfect and the smell is just lovely on its own. Honestly the candles I’ve gotten from this store have been the best in terms of scent and choices for the characters! Love love love!

So Emet-Selch

Everything about this is just so...him. The merlot balances the tobacco and amber with a hint of sweetness that isn't overpowering. It lingers pleasantly afterwards; this has become one of my favorites.

Rebecca Hing
My family keeps stealing my candle

No seriously. My husband takes it to work and my toddler hoards it to sniff. We all love it. The candle matches the character perfectly. I’m not sure what kind of magic is used to figure this out, but there couldn’t be a better matched scent to the character. I cannot recommend this enough. I’ve bought two and will be buying a third after this one is used up.

Reviewer avatar

This scent is absolutely one of my favorites! I am in love with this candle! It matches the character perfectly. When given the chance I will most definitely rebuy this one. I honestly can’t hype this candle up enough! Don’t miss out!!!!